Our business goal

Welcome to Car Broker Spain.  We hope that you enjoy browsing this website and find something which is interesting, and discover a new and relaxed way of buying or selling your car.  

At Car Broker Spain we pride ourselves on making buying or selling your car easy. We understand how difficult 

and worrying the car market can be, along with the fact the process can be quite stressful ! 
Finding someone you can trust to work for YOU in the buying and selling process isn't easy. 
All cars are guaranteed and prices include transfer of ownership too. 

Using Car Broker Spain will remove the stress and provide a worry free and enjoyable purchase of your next vehicle. We're here to help you ! 

Every car which we broker, we guarantee that all possible checks have been made to ensure basic things like the vehicle service history is correct and true, and that the car hasn't been "messed" with in any way.  More importantly we ensure that your new car does not carry any bad debts or hasn't been involved In any serious accidents.

Recently in Spain there have been very high profile cases of car dealers selling cars which have either been involved in very bad accidents or have been 'clocked'. Car Broker Spain is totally committed to supplying vehicles which are honest and true. It's important to buy with confidence.

Please use the contact us page to tell us your requirements or even just for a chat about your concerns in buying a new car. 

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